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The Operating Engineers is an internationally recognized organization.  We have been in business since 1986 and are recognized by Employment and Social Development Centre, a department of the Federal Government, as a training facility, allowing us to issue T2202A tax incentives.


We offer nationally recognized credentials allowing for mobility of skills and certifications throughout our Province and in other provincial jurisdiction.  We offer contract training as well as customized training courses.


The Manitoba Construction Industry turns to OETIM as the trusted source for Heavy Equipment Operator Training, Crane Training, Construction Safety and

re-certification services.


With over 30 years of experience and expertise, OETIM boasts the most qualified professional trainers in the industry.

Although originally mandated to address the training requirements of the Operating Engineers Union membership, today OETIM is a provider of resources and training needs for all who have an interest in pursuing careers in hoisting and heavy equipment operation. OETIM also provides safety training and can provide custom curriculum upon request.


OETIM continues its close involvement with provincial and federal government departments to develop effective training strategies and training programs. OETIM is recognized as an accredited training facility by federal govornment of Canada and is registered as a Private Vocational Institute in the provice of Manitoba.


The Operating Engineers Training Institute of Manitoba is a member of an international training organisation across Canada and the USA having established a well-earned reputation for providing leading-edge training in the fields of Hoisting and Heavy Equipment Operation.

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