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Transportation of Dangerous Goods Safety Course

This online course will teach you what you need to know about the transportation of dangerous goods (TDG) in Canada. You will learn about related legislation and the hazard classification system. You will also learn how accidents can happen while transporting dangerous goods and what you should do if there is an accidental release. The complete course takes approximately 3.5 hours


TDG Topics Covered Include:

           •  Hazard Identification

           •  Hazardous Categories

           •  Safe Work Practices

           •  Emergency Procedures

           •  Conclusion

           •  Identification and Markings

           •  Loading and Unloading

           •  Placarding Requirements

           •  General Awareness

           •  Shipping Papers

           •  Markings and Labels

           •  Identifying and Classifying

           •  Proper Packaging Procedures

           •  Markings and Labels

           •  Shipping Packing Basic Chemical Principles

           •  Safe Work Practices

           •  Emergency Response Procedures  and Manifests

System Requirements

The Transportation of Dangerous Goods Computerized Safety Training Course should perform optimally

on a computer with the

following hardware



           •  Pentium 4, 3 GHZ

           •  Google Chrome

           •  Memory 2 GB of RAM

           •  Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher

           •  High Speed Internet Access

           •  Speakers or Headset


Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Safety Certification

Successful graduates of theTransportation of Dangerous Goods Safety Training Program are presented with a Certificate of Certification valid for Three Years.