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Basic Rigging

Advanced Rigging

This is a one day course that provides participants with basic understanding on types of rigging, understanding rigging, their capacities for lift. This course provides hands on demonstrations of actual lifts and is recommended for anyone working directly with or taking part in a lift. It’s also recommended for someone who is quite knowledgeable with rigging such as a crane operator.


In Manitoba you can be trained and certified as a Mobile Crane Operator, Boom Truck Hoist Operator and a Tower Crane Operator.


Topics Covered:

 Machine Types

 Components & Systems

 Pre-lift & Set-up

 Charts & Conditions


•  Communication & Signaling


This is a one day course for those individual who work directly with rigging and provides advanced methods of rigging, capacities, use and lifts. Hands on demonstrations in the identification of faulty hardware. Recommended for anyone working with or in the vicinity where rigging is taking place.


Min. number of students required.

Certificate Issued