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Thirty Years of Service Excellence

The Operating Engineers Training Institute of Manitoba Inc. (OETIM) was established in 1986 as a joint Labour/Management non-profit organization with a primary directive of providing upgrading and training to people in the crane and heavy equipment industries. Dedicated to high quality, personalized training, the institute has developed a solid reputation using its proprietary curriculum designated to heavy equipment operations.  


The institute is governed by a Board of Trustees that is represented by labour and management personnel. The revenue of the institute is comprised of monies received from individual tuition, employer sponsorships, contract training from federal and provincial projects, and The Trade Improvement Trust Fund.  


OETIM is recognized as a training facility through Human Resources and Social Development Canada and can therefore issue T2202A tax receipts to individuals who personally assume the cost of tuition. OETIM is also a certified Private Vocational Institute and can therefore train individuals who are not being publicly funded.  This also means that all curriculum has been designated by PVI.  


OETIM is affiliated with the Construction Sector Council, Apprenticeship Branch of Manitoba, and the Canadian Operating Engineers Joint Apprenticeship Training Council (COEJATC).  Therefore OETIM’s curriculum is up to date and current to industry’s needs.




Proud Graduates

The Operating Engineers is a nationally recognized organization. Our heavy equipment operator training courses provides nationally recognized credentials for our graduates in an area of high demand that allows for mobility of skills and certifications throughout our Province and in other provincial jurisdictions.


Our mandate is to provide extensive training to any individual interested in pursuing the field of hoisting and heavy equipment operation. We are training for today to fulfill the demands of tomorrow. The provincial and national Operating Engineers Training Institutes have an established reputation for setting the standard of leading-edge training in this area of expertise.

I feel I leaned enough to be able to operate the equipment. I operated and Rob made the course fun and is very knowledgeable instructor.

Course was excellent and I would recommend it.

Thank you for the training Rob, opened up a lot of doors for me

Keep on with life experiences in regards to HEO

Very well instructed, easily understood


Rob: Very informative and right to the point.

Derrek: Very informative, very patient

-Duane Helmle

Very clear and concise about the course and the job interview skills


Nice to get (resumee) updated, it looks real good.

-Darrell Ballantyne


I found the course was well layed out, gained plenty of knowledge about equipment operation.  The instructors were clear and concise.

-Wayne Ducharme

Derek seemed to be fair with me

-Devon Aziz

Give the guy a raise for his hard work.


He (Derek Bamford) took time to show me how to operate in a good manner.


Great Instructor, showed patience.

-David McPherson

Honest and Fair

Excellent teaching/instructing on equipment

-Charles McKay

Derek is an awesome instructor, he helped me through alot of the exercises and explaind it the best that he could.


Awesome Guy!

Learned alot of great techniques.

-Anthony McKinney

Rob provides a stress free environment.  Good job.


Rob is straight forward and speaks his mind and honest.  Very good instructor.

He is cool.


Rob was very outgoing and willing to help in any way with technique in the operating proceedure

-David McPherson

Excellent instruction

Saftey #1

Equipment care #1

-Charles McKay

Rob is a funny guy, helped the days go by, he also explained alot of the exercises to the point where I would understand it.


Thanks Derek for your knowledge and ability to show me things in a safe working environment.


Thanks for all of Rob's knowledge and his ability to present things in a constructive way.

-Tom Barrow

(Derek) Very helpful, easy to get along with, answered all questions I had, very helpful with tips and good at helping with the machines.

-Tom Barrow

(Rob) Very knowledgeable, lots of help, keeps the class interesting and people involved.

-Dave W.

I would like to thank Derek for all his knowledge and confidence to help me become a good operator.

-Dave W.

Thanks Rob for being a great teacher and explaining all the proper ways to operate the machines.

-Neil F. Cook

I feel very fortunate for having such a well versed instructor such as Derek.  Would not change a thing and keep up the great work. Thank You..

-Neil F. Cook

OETIM by far outweighed all other training courses available.  I'm very pleased with my decision to enrol and am looking forward to employment.

-Neil F. Cook

World class instructors are few and far between, so very privilaged to have Robert as a teacher.  Thank you very much.


(Crane level 1, Kevin) Great person to learn from.

-Dong A Khout

(crane level 1, Kevin, Jake) These two instructors went above and beyond their duty to ensure our needs are met.

-Andrew Rodrigues

(Crane level 1) Thiscourse was very well done, I learned a lot and it was a good experience.  I am looking forward to returning next year.


(Crane level 1, Carl) Very kind, knowlegeable and encouraging.