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Load Securement Safety Training Course

OETIM is working on delivering a computerized Load Securement Safety Training Course designed for the individual worker.  LSSC makes use of text, graphics, voice-over narration, streaming video content, and photographs, in order to provide a virtual classroom experience for the student.


Each topic is structured around a series of intended learning objectives, which are reinforced throughout the course by review questions, with formal testing at the end of each topic.

Instruction is focused on various load securement safety topics which are tested for 100% mastery of content.


This online safety program provides the individual and employer training flexibility in when and where it is most convenient.


LLSC Topics Covered Include:

           •  Trailers & Transport Vehicles

           •  Safe Securement Systems

           •  Loading and Un-loading Equipment - Cargo & Materials, Equipment Large & Smaill

           •  Best Practices while on the road.


LSSC is useful for everyone from heavy haulers through to the guy taking his quad out on the weekend. The course is self paced and can be completed in 1 sitting (average 1 hour), or by module as time permits.


LSSC consists of 6 modules:

           1.  Introduction

           2.  Safe Securement System

           3.  Loading and Unloding Equipment

           4.  Securing the Load

           5.  On the Road

           6.  Conclusion

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