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Powered Lift Truck Certification Course  (Forklift Safety)

OETIM offers a variety of certification courses meeting the requirements of CSA Safety

Standard for Lift Trucks (B335) as well as Manitoba’s Code of Practice for the Safe

Operation of Powered Lift Trucks.


The use of forklifts on construction sites is frequent.

Counterbalanced forklifts are a versatile tool for a number of trades.

Because they are such a commonly used and accessible piece of equipment, there is also a great potential for misuse and possible accidents by inadequately trained workers who may not recognize potential hazards. Used by well-trained workers, however, the machines provide a safe and efficient method of moving materials and placing them in otherwise difficult to access locations.


The program material is designed to provide participants with knowledge on the hazards and safe use of forklifts. Equipment operators must also be familiar with the operating manual before using the equipment

and remember that suggestions in this program should not take precedence over instructions from the manufacturer.  Additional hands-on training and operating experience are also needed before anybody can

be considered a competent operator.

Company specific certificates are issued to students including the class of certification a

3 Year expiration date.

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to demonstrate the knowledge required for the safe operation of forklifts. In the theory portion of the course, a written test is delivered with a required 70% passing grade.  The field portion of the course includes a practical evaluation which can be held either at your workplace on the equipment to be operated, or at an OETIM training facility on OETIM supplied equipment.

Following is a breakdown of all areas covered in the Forklift training.

 The Manitoba Regulation MR217/2006

•  Problem areas and accident causes

•  Types,components and features

•  Hydraulics and pre-operational inspections

•  Stability and how it affects forklifts

•  Forklift capacity and load charts

•  Operating practices

•  Load lifting and handling

•  Operating hazards and precautions

 Signalers, communication and hand signals

•  Potential hazards

•  Overhead power lines

•  Emergency procedures

•  Refueling

•  Fire hazards

•  Other hazards

•  Periodic inspection

•  Knowledge examinations

OETIM is available to deliver training at our facility or yours.

Available Courses:

 Class V Forklift Operator Training (new operator & re-certification)

 Classs VII Forklift Operator Training (re-certification)

 Class VII Forklift Operator Training (new operator)


1  Day

4 hour

2  Day

Courses can be customized to meet the

needs of employees in your workplace.

For More Information or to Register 

Call:  204.775.7059