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E-Learning Computer  Based Training

OETIM offers a variety of courses through E-Learning and partners with various service providers to give our clients the required courses needed to work in industry today.


What is it E-Learning?

It is the use of electronic media and communication technologies in education. It is computer based training that is inclusive of using a wide range of learning technologies in learning and teaching.  E-Learning includes numerous types of media, text, audio, images , animation, streaming video and interactive exercises in the delivery of training.


E-Learning allows you to learn in or out of the classroom, at home, distant learning, anywhere or anytime.  

Flexible Convenient Learning

To use E-Learning you do need access to a

computer/smart phone or tablet with a high

speed internet connection.  


Each course has various system requirements.  

(google chrome, flash player etc)

Most E-Learning courses are self based and deliver very effective learning techniques. Studies show students achieve a better understanding and absorb more through this type of learning then the traditional learning techniques.


Courses are available 24/7, allowing for flexibility. Most course grading is evaluated based on interactive testing and allows a client to have multiple attempts to achieve a passing grade.



E-Learning is the most current and most practical way for anyone to acquire their safety certifications.


Once registered on-line within 3 days one of our office personnel will call you for payment , followed by a confirmation email with course  access details.


If taking on-line courses at our building.

Office hours are Monday – Friday 8:30 - 4:30 pm

Courses We Currently Offer:


Available 24 Hours a Day , 7 Days a Week.