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"Red Seal Certification"

The Operating Engineers Training Institue is recognized as the number one resource in Manitoba for Crane Operator Training programs.  Crane and Hoist operators are trained to operate and maintain a variety of different cranes and associated equipment designed to hoist, move and position large objects.


In Manitoba you can be trained and certified as a Mobile Crane Operator, Boom Truck Hoist Operator and a Tower Crane Operator.


We Offer Courses in:

 Crane & Hoisting Equipment Operator, Level 1 Common Core

 Mobile Crane Operator, Level 2

•  Mobile Crane Operator, Level 3

•  Tower Crane Operator, Level 2

•  Boom Truck Hoist Operator, Level 2

 Crane Awareness

 Basic Rigging

•  Crane Operator Upgrading


Please Be Advised:

Mobile and Tower Crane Operator are Apprenticeable Red Seal trades. You will need to find an employer to sponsor you before you can register as an apprentice.


Crane & Hoisting Equipment Operator is considered a cumpulsory trade in the province of Manitoba.  This means that in order to practice in the trade you must be a registered apprentice.

For more information on Manitoba Apprenticeship Trades Programs follow the links below or Call Apprenticeship Manitoba direct at 1-866-332-5077.

Crane & Hoisting Equipment Operator

Crane Awareness Training Program

The Operating Engineers Training Institute of Manitoba (OETIM) is pleased to be offering a “Crane Awareness Course”, to any interested participant or organization throughout the Province of Manitoba.


In recent years, there has been an increase in crane related accidents. The vast majority of these accidents resulted in minor injury, but some included death. Most of these accidents happen to non-crane operators. The most frequent causes of accidents found were, instability, unsecured loads, load capacity exceeded, ground not level, lack of communication and electrical contact.


This course is intended as a tool to assist, owners, contractors, supervisors and workers in educating and increasing awareness around cranes, consequently preventing injury to themselves and to others. It serves as a basic understanding, an understanding that is so needed in this Province. The benefits of this program will include a safer working environment, an increased attentiveness, alertness and a far better educated workforce; especially in new workers.


The course will be offered at our 244 Cree Crescent location or at your location. It is approximately 6 hours in duration.


Crane Awareness Course Outline:


•  Basic Rigging

•  Basic Signaling

•  Machine Types, Components and Systems

•  PPE

•  Charts

•  Set-up and Pre-Lift

•  Workplace Safety and Health Regulations

Basic Rigging Course

This is a one day course that provides participants with basic understanding on types of rigging, understanding rigging, their capacities for lift. This course provides hands on demonstrations of actual lifts and is recommended for anyone working directly with or taking part in a lift. It’s also recommended for someone who is quite knowledgeable with rigging such as a crane operator.


Basic Rigging Course Outline:


•  Machine Types

•  Components and Systems

•  Set-up and Pre-Lift

•  Charts and Conditions

•  Rigging

•  Communication & Signaling

Certificate Issued

Upon Completion

Certificate Issued

3 Year Expiration Date

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